Hello jewish art lovers and welcome to my web site!

A moment before you join me on an exciting journey through the Judaica world, I would like to tell you a thing or two about myself.

My name is Rony Benoudiz, formerly the chief designer of the famous Yossi’s Master Workshop Judaica house. For over twenty years I have been living and creating in the unique city of Jerusalem and my greatest passion is Jewish art!

Over the years Jerusalem has become a major center for excellent design and craftsmanship in jewelry, Judaica and other objects d’art.

I have a family which I adore, my oldest son, Eyal, is 32 and my two daughters, Tal, and Yael, are 31 and 27. All three are very creative and enjoy painting and sculpting in their leisure time (you see, they don’t call me a Jewish father for nothing…).

So as I told you, I have been creating Judaica art for over twenty years. I designed and created Judaica objects that are collector’s items in collections all over the world. In addition, my work brought me into contact with many of Jerusalem’s most talented artists.

For as long as I can remember, I was drawn to the beauty and aesthetics of design, a field that integrates values of vision, imagination and aesthetics but doesn’t overlook the realistic approach of functionality. The ability to create a (small) brand new world, using new technologies and materials every time, is what inspires and excites me every day.

I built this web site in order to share my passion with you and help provide you with information about the vast and exciting world of Jewish art. I hope you enjoy your travels through these next pages and that you learn new and inspiring things. If you have any questions, comments or thoughts, I would be more than glad to hear about them.

Sincerely yours,

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