The ultimate guide for buying a ketubah

Congratulations, you are about to get married and like many others, interested in buying a ketubah for this great occasion. With such a large variety in design and text styles , it is likely you may be a bit confused. So, before spending any money I have some tips that may come in handy and help you in selecting the most suitable option for you.

First things first – what are the options?

Ketubut can be divided into two main categories:
The lithographed ketubah is the “ready made” option. All you need to do is choose the design and text from the available options (there are an unlimited amount of them) and your names and dates will be filled in with matching calligraphy.
The custom made ketubah allow you to chose a design and add to it any text you request including your own version of ketubah text.

Pros and cons

The lithographed option will naturally cost less than the custom made option. The custom made option will cost an additional sum, ranging from $50 to $1,000. In the lithographed option the calligraphy may not always flow seamlessly even if a professional calligrapher fills it in. In the custom made option, the craftsman will fill in the entire text, start to finish, providing the ketubah with a perfectly spaced and seamless text.

How to choose THE ONE for you

Before buying a ketubah, I would strongly recommend that you consult with your wedding officiant about the text. Many rabbis, cantors and officiants prefer or even require a certain type of text (orthodox, conservative, egalitarian, reform, etc).

If you’ve already placed your text order

Whether online or with a craftsman, you should print a copy of the text and forward it to your officiant. This small pre-wedding task could save you a big headache on your wedding day! You will have a 100% guarantee that you have the exact text you need.

Another thing about the text

As I mentioned, there are a variety of ketubah texts. It is important to keep in mind that not every craftsman offers all the text versions. So you must pay attention and read through to ensure the text you need is available.

Choosing your own version of text

If you are buying a ketubah over the web you will probably have the option to choose the text. If you are interested in getting your own special text, it is recommended you print it out and carefully go over it before approving it – this way you will prevent any mistakes. You should also note the personal text version may take longer to be completed, sometimes up to three months longer.

If you don’t have the time to spare

But still insist on getting your own text, I recommend that you contact the web site or the craftsman and make sure it is possible to provide the product within the time limitation – these things are often flexible!

Choosing the design

Not every text style can be added on to every type of design. For this reason I recommend you consult with your officiant about the style he permits. Only after having this information is it safe to go ahead with choosing the design.

What if you found the design but the text is not the right one?

Many designs will already come with the text (the lithographed option). But what if you found a design you like that has text different from the one you need? In this case, try contacting the web site or the craftsman to see if there is a possibility of creating the same design with a different text style. If it is possible remember to find out how long it will take to be completed.

Why should it be a problem to change the text?

You see, printing the lithography option requires manufacturing printing blocks, so, changing the text requires creating new blocks and re-printing. In some cases, the craftsman will agree to your request because having another text option can also be to his benefit. But in other cases he will create the blocks just for you and have no other use for them. In this case it is like printing a personal text style and the price will go according.

Interested in designing your own ketubah?

There are places that will sell you a parchment with just the text and no design. This option is meant for those who want to add on the design by themselves (or give it to a loved one so he or she can add on the design).

Choosing the technology

There are several techniques used for creating a ketubah. The more common are lithograph, hand painting and printing. Each technique will, of course, provide a different result and you should choose the one you like the best. Most places will indicate the technology used.

Don’t forget…

When buying a ketubah, keep in mind that you may need to add your names and dates to it. This may take some time to do so don’t leave it to the last moment. Order your ketubah as early as possible!

Buying a ketubah on-line

Buying a ketubah on-line is not much different from buying a ketubah in the store. Going about it this way has become very popular – it is simple and easy, the variety is tremendous and available to you at a click of your finger…

Now that you have the information to make the best choice

If you are interested in buying a ketubah on line, I have some recommended web sites for you to choose from:

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    Custom Ketubah Designer Sep 19 2011 - 10:14 am Reply

    It’s interesting to learn that Ketubah is like a marriage of love and fine art wherein every detail can be a symbol that has its own meaning. Because of its ancient and venerable history, Ketubah has its place as an important form of Jewish ceremonial art throughout time.

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