The Jewish House Blessing

The Jewish house blessing is a popular item meant to protect against evil and welcome good fortune into the home. Read here to learn what it’s all about!

A guardian of the home

The act of blessing the home is ancient and can be found in different variations and cultures. It is meant to drive any evil spirits out of the house and protect the occupants within.

blessing of the jewish home

hamsa hand blessing

blessing for home

Here, there or everywhere

In the Jewish religion it is most common to place the home blessing in the home or the place of business as a symbol of warm welcome and positive-thinking. There is no preferred location for hanging the blessing, you may choose the place that suits your home.

What does it say?

The House Blessing may appear in different text variations and may be composed in Hebrew, English or a combination of both. Here are two examples of different popular wordings that express the idea of the blessing:

“May this home and this family

Always know only health and joy

With love and with peace,

with livelihood and with success,

Please bless, O God, this abode.

Amen, may it be God’s will!”

“Please allow light and gladness,

peace and companionship

to dwell in this home

and bestow abundant blessings and holiness

in all of its rooms and corners,

and may the illumination of Your holy Torah

and your commandments shine”

Use it to decorate your home

Besides bringing a blessing upon your house, the home blessing is also an art item that adorns the home. It may be found in various designs and can be composed of endless materials such as, ceramic, silver, glass, peuter, wood and parchment.

Spread its magic

The house blessing is a perfect gift for any Jewish home. It is appropriate for occasions such as weddings, house worming gift and even to bring when visiting friends.

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