by elielsheva
(St. Petersburg, FL)

Praise Him all stars of light. psalm 148:3

“i love jewish jewelry” is an online art gallery of unique, one of
a kind, handcrafted necklaces. Fine silver, copper, and Swarovski crystal are combined to reflect light and each piece is as dazzling from a distance as it is up close. Each necklace comes with an attached verse from scripture which gives the piece a meaningful, spiritual message.
I live in Florida and have a BA degree from Indiana University in Fine Arts and Education. My past experience includes teaching art at the secondary level, Homescapes; commissioned portaits of homes and businesses, and Eliz Handpainted Fashions. Jewelry making became my interest two years ago when I could not find the perfect, unique, gift so I decided to design one. Now I find creating jewelry my favorite form of artistic expression.
“i love jewish jewelry” is the perfect place to shop for a special gift
for any simcha.

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