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I love Judaica art! Besides the fact that I find it very beautiful, I’m often also fascinated by the historic symbols that stand behind it.

Can the endless variety get a bit overwhelming? Let’s make some order in it!
I’ve been studying the world of Jewish art for many years and I do admit – there are endless items out there, used for different purposes, designed in a variety of styles and material. To help you make some order in this colourful world, I decided to put together all the information I gathered from my experiences. Interested in becoming an expert without much of an effort?

Become an expert on Jewish art in a blink of the eye

In this guide, I will be taking you on short journeys. They are based on some of the most important subjects you should be familiar with when using or planning to buy Judaica…

  • You can discover the significance behind the most commonly used Judica items. Knowing their symbolic meaning will intensify the pleasure you get when using them!
  • Learn about the technologies and materials used to create these items throughout the years. You don’t need to be an expert to understand them!
  • Make some sense out of the many different styles offered to you by manufacturers. Get the tools to make a sensible and carefree buy!
  • Get to know the leading Israeli Judaica artists and specifically those working in Jerusalem.
  • And most importantly, get some tips on how to choose the most suitable item for you… There is something here for everyone! I hope you enjoy my guide. I think you will benefit from it whether you are an experienced collector, an inquisitive individual seeking knowledge or a person preparing to go out on your first journey to buy Jewish art.

And now, let’s complete this intro and get started…


Jewish ceremonial art
Jewish ceremonial art is not only a tool for worship but also a way of life.

Ancient Jewish art
Ancient Jewish art can be traced back centuries ago. Join me on a journey to discover were it all began and how it developed through the years.

Jewish Gifts

Jewish Gift Guide – how to choose the perfect gift?

If you are looking for gift idea for special occasion, the Jewish Gift guide can help you choosing an appropriate gift that will always be cherished.


Jewish Gifts – The Joys of Judaica
Once upon a time most gifts were handmade. Here you can read how hancrafted judaica item can serve as a fabulous jewish gift, which would then be handed down from generation to generation as a heirloom.

Jewish Wedding Gift
Ever since people became betrothed other people wracked their brains to think what to give them as gifts. Here you can read about some nice jewish wedding gift ideas.

Coming of age gift – a guide to Bar Mitzvah Gifts
What should we get for a Jewish kid who is about to celebrate his or her religious coming-of-age? get some ideas for Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah Gifts.

Jewish gift ideas for new home
What to bring for new jewish home? Here you can get a nice Jewish gift ideas to bring for new home.

Jewish baby gift
A list of jewish baby gift ideas that will help you to decide what to buy as a present on the occasion of the birth of a jewish baby

jewish jewelry

Jewish Jewelry – A sparkle of holiness
What is Jewish jewelry and what are the popular Jewish motifs that decorate it? Discover the sparkling world and view it first hand in this web site!

Judaica Stores
A list of my recommended Judaica stores, where you can buy wonderful Jewish gifts for any occasion. Jewish wedding gifts, Bar Mitzva gifts and more.

Jewish clipart
The largest collection of free Jewish clipart! Discover the links to the best free Jewish clipart, download your favourites and add them to your digital document!

The Jewish House Blessing
The Jewish house blessing is a popular item meant to protect against evil and welcome good fortune into the home. Read here to learn what it’s all about!

The ketubah – the first Jewish prenuptial agreement
The ketubah is an ancient agreement meant to protect the woman’s financial status in case she and her husband don’t end up together. Read here if you want to know what it’s all about!


The tallit – A most genuine Jewish garment
What is it about the tallit that makes it unique? Get all the main insights regarding the Jewish prayer shawl.

The women’s prayer shawl
The women’s prayer shawl – until recently women were not allowed to wear prayer shawls. Today they may do so if they choose. Learn all about the role of the prayer shawl in the women’s world.

The mezuzah – A magical world concealed behind a case
The ultimate guide to all you need to know about the mezuzah. Interesting insights and useful tips regarding the Mezuzah.


Learn all there is to know about Sabbath and more!
Do you think you know all there is to know about Sabbath? I have one or two insights that may surprise you…

Havdalah – the ending which also a beginning
Havdalah is one of the most captivating ceremonies in the Jewish religion. If you want to know how it works? Simply read along with me

The shofar – a most mysterious and unique instrument
Read the following text and become a shofar expert! Learn all the secrets of this ancient musical instrument used for Jewish religious rituals.

Passover – a most important event in the Jewish year
The ultimate Passover guide where you can read about the most important Jewish holliday. Learn about the Exodus from Egypt, the Seder and making irresistable passover recipes.

The Passover Seder plate – the star of the table
The Passover Seder plate is one of the most important objects used during the Passover meal. It is customary to place in it food that symbolizes the Jews’ experiences as slaves in Egypt.

Hanukkah and the Menorah
Become a Hanukkah expert in no time! Read about the why and how it is celebrated, learn about the menorah and even how to make irresistible potato latkes.

The history of the menorah
The menorah is the official symbol of the Jewish nation. This image was not chosen arbitrarily but based on a chain of events that happened many years ago. Join me for a journey and learn all about the history of the menorah

Tefillin – discover all there is to know about them

If you have a question about tefillin, this is the place for you! Learn all about the why and how it’s done, see pictures and get great tips to help keep your set in perfect condition over time!

Gallery Pictures of a Menorah
A collection of pictures of a menorah from various styles and designs. What is your favorite of all?

Shofar Picture Gallery
Here is a collection of shofar pictures. What is the most beautiful shofar picture?

Silver Kiddush Cup
A picture gallery of Kiddush Cup. View a collection of silver kiddush cup, pewter kiddush cup and more styles and designs

Jewish Resources – where to go next?

A list of recommended sites related to Judaism and jewish

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