Jewish Baby Gift – Presents for babies and other small children

Deciding what to buy as a present on the occasion of the birth of a jewish baby is usually no problem. You can just go into a shop that sells items for babies and toddlers and buy some baby clothes – blue if it’s a boy and an appropriate color for a girl. And Mom will probably be pleased pink.



But if you want to be different or if it’s for someone very special and Jewish here are a few ideas:

To get the baby started in a direction of spirituality you can choose something lofty from a nice range of cheerfully decorated baby blessings that can be hung in the nursery. Also available online through us is a selection of charity boxes livened up with biblical scenes, the most popular of which is Noah’s Ark, and of course a jewelry is a nice choice.

Anything to do with baby gifts automatically raises a smile. Baby bibs offer an endearing example. There are baby bibs with block letters announcing whether the bib is to be used for meat or milk meals. There are even bibs that are kosher for Pesach.

Other items connected with Jewish ritual, specially designed for babies and infants are: Kiddush cups with suitably engraved inscriptions, tiny, brightly-colored kippot and the cute mezzuzot eminently suitable for Baby’s Room.

There are also posters, songs and videos that should raise a gurgling chuckle from junior.

For toddlers and early-school age children, the range of gift ideas is even wider.

Jewish publishing houses produce hundreds of marvelously produced editions that should excite the imagination of the coming generation. There are books on Bible, tradition, Jewish heroes and Israel that come in various degrees of graphic sophistication. Also available are music, movie and game cassettes. Little girls, especially, will appreciate jewelry, especially designed for them, and coming with various Hebraic and Israeli motifs.

Probably the most meaningful present for the child who is no longer a toddler is an online course of Hebrew lessons, presented in a colorful, fun-way. Most kids might not fully appreciate this wonderful gift – but it can be sweetened with cassettes of some great Israeli pop music … or a trip to Israel.

You will find more gift ideas here

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