Jewish Ceremonial Art

Jewish ceremonial art is not only a tool for worshiping God. These art objects are interwoven in our everyday life reminding us of God and a strengthening our connection to our Jewish heritage.


“Jerusalem Kiddush Cup” by Michael Ende

What is Jewish ceremonial art?

Jewish ceremonial art also goes by the name Judaica. Its definition includes any object used by a Jewish person for a religious purpose. It also refers to any object that is unmistakably associated with Judaism.

Does this mean these items are only used when worshipping God?

Don’t be taken for this misconception

Jews have always worshipped God by praying and by performing religious rituals. But, you would be mistaken if you thought Jewish art objects are only used in these times of worship!

Not only a tool for worship but a way of life

Ask any Jewish person, he will tell you his religion is not based only on rituals and ceremonies – it is a way of life. This approach sanctifies also the everyday acts and routines and places these art objects in their center.

How to identify a Jewish object

Many Judaica items are found in all Jewish homes, others only in the more religious families and synagogues. The objects are made of endless varieties of materials, such as glass, stone, porcelain, silver, gold, wood and cloth. Popular items you may be familiar with are the Mezuzah , Sabbath candles , Kiddush Cup , Havdalah set , the Seder plate, the Menorah, Teffilin, Tallit , Kippah.

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