Jewish Gift Ideas – That new home deserves a very special gift

Of all the presents that can be given for family members or friends moving into a new home, one of the most meaningful choices – if they are Jewish and religiously observant – is a mezzuzah.

For many people one of the first things they do in a new home is put up a mezuzah at the front door. Conversely, the last thing many people do when they move out of a home is to remove the mezuzah.

Mezzuzot come in many shapes, sizes and styles. You can find mezzuzot made out of silver, bronze, gold-plating, ceramics, or exotic wood inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Some craftsmen incorporate wood and silver. There are traditional styles, modern designs and even creations inspired by pop art.


Mezuzah case

If you are considering buying a mezuzah as a gift, it might be advisable not to spring it as a surprise on the new home-owners. Perhaps they have already acquired a deeply-cherished mezuzah for their front door. Or maybe they haven’t got one yet, but are very fussy about the style that they want. Remember that the entrance to any home can be a very personalized issue. So it could be a good idea to tell them beforehand that you want to buy a mezuzah as a gift and ask if they have any preferences.

Another consideration regarding mezzuzot is that they can be placed in every room of the house. The new home-owners might not care what size or style is placed in each room. Or perhaps they have a certain style in mind. Maybe they want a very special motif for the bedroom or study or children’s rooms. The point is that if a mezuzah for the front door is not one of their requirements, it is quite likely that they would appreciate one for an inside door. Click here to see a huge range of mezzuzot.

Another Jewish gift ideas …

For a new home other ritual art can also be appropriate, especially if it’s for a newly-wed couple. Especially suitable for the new home is a pair of Sabbath candlesticks, spice box or charity (tzdaka) box. Click here to see a huge range

Another highly suitable gift for the new home is the illuminated home blessing – available as an original painting or reproduction. Many homes also hang a “mizrah,” which is a painting or reproduction hung on an eastern wall of the house, to show which direction Jerusalem lies.

For religiously observant people moving into a new home, any one of the gift ideas in this article, would be regarded as a blessing indeed. And if you yourself are moving into a new home there is no law that says you can’t buy a very special house-warming gift for yourself or your spouse.

Click here for birkat bayit (Blessings for the Home) and mizrahs.


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