Jewish Gift Guide

If you are looking for jewish gift idea for special occasion, the following articles can help you to choose an appropriate gift that will always be cherished.


Jewish Gifts – The Joys of Judaica
Once upon a time most gifts were handmade. Read how hancrafted judaica item can serve as a fabulous gift, which would then be handed down from generation to generation as a heirloom.

Jewish Jewelry – A sparkle of holiness

What is Jewish jewelry and what are the popular Jewish motifs that decorate it? Discover the sparkling world and view it first hand in this web site!



Jewish Wedding Gift

Ever since people became betrothed other people wracked their brains to think what to give them as gifts. Here you can read about some nice jewish wedding gift ideas.

Coming of age gift – a guide to Bar Mitzvah Gifts
What should we get for a Jewish kid who is about to celebrate his or her religious coming-of-age? get some ideas for Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah Gifts.

Jewish baby gift
A list of jewish baby gift ideas that will help you to decide what to buy as a present on the occasion of the birth of a jewish baby

Judaica Stores

A list of my recommended Judaica stores, where you can buy wonderful judaica gifts for any occasion. Jewish wedding gifts, Bar Mitzva gifts and more.



Prestigious Jewish Wedding Gifts
Unique Jewish wedding gifts that combine Judaic art, tradition and authentic Jewish blessings, and tips to help you find the perfect present for your beloved ones.
Click Here to read the article and choose your wedding gift.


Jewish Home Decor – Framed Jewish Blessings
A gallery of framed Jewish blessings for the home, business and families. An ideal gift for a wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah and Jewish holidays. Click Here to visit Jewish Blessings gallery.

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