Jewish jewelry – a world of beauty and meaning

Jewish jewelry is a field in high demand. It developed over the years when Jewish motifs spread from ritual articles to decorative jewelry. Today many Jewish men and women wear this form of jewelry as a means to express their identification with Judaism and their admiration for artistic accessories.

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A sparkle of holiness

I believe Jewish jewelry holds added meaning, it’s not just another piece of jewelry. Proudly wearing these items helps keep Judaism and Israel closer to your heart and strengthens your spiritual bond with both.

The form and the meaning

The most popular items found, decorated with Jewish motifs are mainly pendants, chains, bracelets and earrings. But there are no limitations, the Jewish connection can be integrated into all types of jewelry.

The leading decorative motifs of Judaica jewelry

These are the most common Jewish motifs to be found in Judaica jewelry, you can view examples of each kind by clicking the link at the end of the page.

The Star of David a leading Jewish symbol designed as a six-pointed star made of two interlocking triangles. This star is generally recognized as a symbol of Judaism and Jewish identity.

Chi (hai) – this word has great significance in Judaism. In Hebrew, it means life, enthusiasm, vigilance. Translated numerically it stands for the number eighteen – a meaningful number that is also the name of a most important prayer: The Shemoneh Esrei, named after the eighteen prayers that it originally included.

Menorah – a proud symbol representing the Jewish sovereignty and redemption. Some see it as an expression of the idea that the Jewish people are “a light unto the gentiles”, others see it as a symbol of hope.

Hamsa hand – an amulet believed to provide magical protection from the evil eye. The word hamsa means “five” and refers to the digits on the hand. The amulet is also known as the ‘Hand of Miriam’, sister of Moses and Aaron

star of david pendant hamsa necklace
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Mezuzah – a doorpost amulet that acts as a reminder of the idea that God is always present in one’s life. By keeping God’s word in our mind and heart we become better people and assure ourselves that God will bless us.

The dove of peace – a popular peace symbol that represents the dove that brought the olive branch to Noah after the flood. Some believe the image of a dove above water signifies the presence of God.

Etz Chaim – the Tree of Life, one of the two trees in the Garden of Eden . It is believed that the fruit of this tree granted the gift of immortality. The tree is a significant symbol in Judaism, reflecting nurture, protection and provision of sustenance.

“Ani L’Dodi v’Dodi Li” – this most well known sentence is from Shir HaShirim, (the “Song of Songs”) written by King Solomon. This book was written as a romantic declaration between a wife and husband, and is also an allegory of the eternal love between the Jewish people and God . The sentence means I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.

The red thread – one of the symbols of the Kabbalah worn as a reminder of the importance of being humble and lowly. The red string is thought by some to ward off the “evil eye”. It is believed by some that humility is the best weapon against the evil eye. In recent years, famous figures (like Madonna , for example) have become interested in the mystical world of Kabbalah, causing this item to gain popularity.

Making a statement!

Wearing any Jewish jewelry is making a double statement. One the one hand, you will express your elegant taste and love for high quality fashion items. On the other hand, you will show the world your proud connection to your Jewish heritage and to the land of Israel.

The exciting variety

Decorating these pendants, chains, bracelets and earrings, the symbols provide an added value of both beauty and meaning. You can spoil yourself or show a loved one that you care by clicking any of the links below and obtaining additional information.

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    Indeed, the most popular items found, decorated with Jewish motifs are mainly pendants, chains, bracelets and earrings. But there are no limitations, the Jewish connection can be integrated into all types of jewelry.

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