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Ever since people became betrothed other people wracked their brains to think what to give them as gifts. The cave man might have given his brother or fellow troglodyte a chunk of recently hacked away buck before he himself carried away the bewildered bride. Gratifyingly nowadays things are different, although they can still be bewildering.

One sensible procedure that has prevailed in some circles for a generation is to let prospective wedding guests know of a dependable store that sells kitchenware and other household goods. This can minimize gift duplication. Then later on and for years afterwards, some of those gifts continue being used day after day.

But here’s another idea for the next time you have to decide on a suitable jewish wedding gift – especially if it’s for someone really special. Someone, for whom some kitchenware would not be deemed entirely suitable. Someone like a son, daughter, or other cherished, loved family member.

Imagine giving as a gift something that will be used in the most meaningful way possible, by two special people week after week for generations. Imagine something like Sabbath candlesticks, a spice box to mark the end of the Sabbath, a mezzuza for a new home, an etrog box, Hanukkia or Passover Seder plate. Imagine the joy and the amazement on the face of the newly-wedded couple when they receive a ceremonial item that is also a beautiful work of art, by a well-known craftsman or artistic silversmith in Jerusalem.

Now imagine Passover in the future. A family scene with your son or daughter and their family in their gracious home. The house is full of guests sitting at a large table, and the Pesach Seder is about to begin. Someone exclaims: “What a lovely Seder plate!” Your son or daughter responds: “Yes, isn’t it! It was a wedding gift from my parents twenty years ago. It’s a (they mention the name of the artist)”. Someone else says: “It’s a real heirloom!” The mood is set for the Seder. The special connection with a nuptial event in the past strengthens the family bond.

Now that’s what you can call a “jewish wedding gift.”

Prestigious Jewish Wedding Gifts

Unique Jewish wedding gifts that combine Judaic art, tradition and authentic Jewish blessings, and tips to help you find the perfect present for your beloved ones.

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