This website contains two main types of information that can be relevant to you if you are involved in any form of Jewish art or craft. Firstly, we provide general information on the vast subject of Judaica – Jewish art and ceremonial items, as well as Jewish customs related to the giving of presents on special occasions. Many of the visitors to this site found us because they needed to find out about gifts for a birth, barmitzvah, wedding or a Jewish couple’s house-warming party.

The other type of information is about artists and craftspeople and their work – linked to the general information.

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Fetured Artists

Click below to see contributions from other judaica artists to this page…


Ruth Rudin Designs
Ruth works in many media, including watercolors, inks, fabric painting, gouache and computer graphics. Her works have ranged from graphic designs such as calligraphy and illustrated ketubo to magazine layouts, catalogs, folders, CD covers,brochures and more.

Creatavalee by Ava Lee
I am a painter, specializing in watercolours – often with gold, silver, and/or bronze illumination. My body of work contains both Judaica and secular images. My website reveals much about my paintings and myself.

on-line Wholesale Art Gallery
NER Art Gallery is a fine art gallery located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, in NY, specializing in breathtaking Jewish Art, original oil paintings, reproductions and giclees from an array of famous artists such as Elena Flerova, Michael Rozenvain, Dennis Bacchus, Boris Dubrov, Alex Levin, and many more.

Shaked designs – Judaica
Fine art judaica studio. Handmade kiddush cups, mezuzah cases – all ,ade of olive wood combine withe silver (925) and Precious stones.

Hebrew calligraphy
D’anastasio Michel is a left-handed calligrapher, painter and graphic designer.
His work is bearer of harmony of the hebrew letters, letters roman and abstract signs.

The Papercut Ketubah – by Archie Granot

Although Granot started in the traditional fashion, he decided early
in his career to experiment, to go beyond traditional bounds and not
to limit himself to the repetition of classic motifs and styles.
“i love jewish jewelry” is an online art gallery of unique, one of
a kind, handcrafted necklaces. Fine silver, copper, and Swarovski crystal are …

Judaica Artist – Adina Roizman
The paintings herewith presented for sale are some of the handiwork of Israeli artist Adina Roizman, of New York, Vienna and Jerusalem.

We hope to add …

Judaica Artist – Shabsai Uvsitzky

I create one of a kind hand crafted ketubot, Aishet Chayil art, and biblical drawings. I love to create art stemming from the Pirkei Avot. I create all …

Legends of Tanakh
I have been active for over 30 years. I have exhibited my work internationally through several solo and group exhibitions. My latest body of work has been …

No Running with Scissors – Judaica on the Cutting Edge
I am a mixed media collage artist who never quite grew up! I love to play  and create – and that is what creating art is to me – playing!!!. I have taught Judaics and Art to children, teenagers and adults for over 20 years and my love for the two subjects permeate my own artwork…

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