No Running with Scissors – Judaica on the Cutting Edge

by Debbie Botnick
(New York)

I am a mixed media collage artist who never quite grew up! I love to play and create – and that is what creating art is to me – playing!!!. I have taught Judaics and Art to children, teenagers and adults for over 20 years and my love for the two subjects permeate my own artwork. I am a single mom to 3 teenagers/adults – my oldest just made aliyah and is in the IDF, my daughter is in seminary in Israel and my youngest is in yeshiva high school. My family,world revolves around the land of Israel and my intense ties and love for the land and its people.
The art that I create incorporates layers of painting with line drawings, vintage photos and period advertising posters and stamps from eras past. Additionally I integrate ancient manuscripts,classic seforim and text into my art. Besides this, I create artworks using copies of your own vintage photographs and memorabilia I create one of a kind lasting memories of interest for your family!

Contact information:
Debbie Botnick,
Phone: 678 6121357

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