Ketubah Gallery

Welcome to the ketubah gallery where you can find a variety of ketubah pictures. I know buying a ketubah can be a bit confusing for some couples, because of lack of experience and overwhelming variety. So I put this page together to try and make some order out of the confusion.

Let’s see what it’s all about

I divided the styles into two groups: the traditional ketubot and the modern ketubot. Both groups are usually inscribed on art paper such as watercolor paper or canvas.

The traditional ketubah
Most ketubot belonging to this category have an antique flair to them. The colors used to create the design are usually soft and elegant.

The modern ketubah
The modern ketubah’s design can reflect anything that inspires the artist, for example, nature, music or his past experiences. The color range is free and includes both soft and dominant colors such as hot pink and bright blue.

Here is a spectacular collection of ketubot. They are some of my most favorite! Clicking on any of the pictures will lead you to the online store where the ketubah will be available. Each of the pieces I selected was made in Israel and is of excellent quality that will last you for years – I hope you like them too!

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