Legends of Tanakh

by Dan RiiS Grife
(Coupland, Texas)

For Only Og

I have been active for over 30 years. I have exhibited my work internationally through several solo and group exhibitions. My latest body of work has been praised as “A blend of visionary religious and ultra-realism in style, RiiS’ religious paintings are unique in terms of Jewish art. His use of copper, textures and multi-media is also unlike anything else”. (Jewish Herald Voice) The Legends of Tanakh group of work has been shown in solo exhibitions in Houston, Austin and throughout Central Texas.

Each painting is based on either the weekly parchat or Haftorah being studied when the painting began. My application technique results in rich texture. I use copper wherever flesh is rendered and this adds to the impact of the work. Woodcuts taken from the paintings are used in my limited edition hand made books.

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