The Sabbath candles – Discover the key to welcoming Sabbath into your home!

Sabbath candles are one of the keys topics to master before becoming a Sabbath expert. Read all about their magic and take another step towards completing the big Sabbath picture.

Step one, let me draw you a magical scene…

Friday night is just around the corner, the sun is slowly setting, soft shadows are falling on the ground and a single star is shining brightly in the sky. Preparations for the holy day are completed. Both mother and daughter are getting ready to light the sabbath candles and welcome the festive day into their home. Now take a deep breath of this holy atmosphere and lets learn you how it is actually done…

How does it work?

Mother and daughter will light the candles, place their hands over their eyes and recite the blessing: “Blessed art you, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who sanctified us by commanding us to light the sabbath candles”. In Hebrew it goes like this: “Baruch attah adonay, Eloheynu Melekh Haolam, asher kiddeshanu be-mitzvotav, le-hadlik ner shel shabbat”.

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