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Welcome to the shofar pictures gallery where you can find a collection of shofar pics, variety of both modern and antique shofarot.

The Gallery

The shofarot I chose to show you in the following gallery are the ones I like the best. They are beautiful and unique, all made in Israel by leading craftsmen and all highly kosher. Clicking on any of the pictures will lead you to the online store where the item is available – go on, have a blast!

Yemenite Shofar
As you can see, this shofar is relatively long and curled. Beginning at about 30", it can reach over 40" long.

Rams Horn Shofar
This horn is considered to be the classic shofar. It’s made from a sheep’s horn and comes with either a natural or a polished finish. Its length is usually between 8" to 24".

Silver coated Shofar
Either sterling silver or silver plated, this decorated shofar will make a great gift option.

The antique shofar
This shofar, a Jewish ceremonial instrument made from a ram’s horn, was the first Judaica piece collected by Cyrus Adler for the National Museum in 1889. Adler’s grandfather, Leopold Sulzberger, brought it with him to the United States when he emigrated from Germany in 1838.

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Other interesting options
Anointing Horn
In ancient times anointing with oil was conducted on special occasions such as dedication.

Gemsbok Shofar
This is a kosher animal of the antelope family. Its coloring is usually deep black and its length ranges between 20"-32".

Where to buy Shofar?


Trumpet Player Horn – Polished
Trumpet Player Horn – Natural
Jumbo Yemenite Shofar – Kudu horn, Polished
Classical Shofar – Sheep Horn

Classical Shofar – Sheep Horn, Polished
Magen David Shofar – Sterling silver & 24k gold plated
Menorah Shofar – Sterling silver & 24k gold plated

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