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Welcome to the tefillin pictures gallery where you can find a variety of great tefillin sets. All sets displayed here were made in Israel by leading Judaica artists.

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If you read the tefillin page, you know there are four levels of quality for tefillin. Here are exciting pictures of sets from each category. All the sets are highly kosher and were created by professional craftsmen according to the specific tefillin laws. For more detailed information click any of your favorite pictures below.

Peshutim Made of several pieces of parchment glued together to create the boxes’ inner walls.

Peshutim mehudarim Made of one piece of thin parchment that creates a solid box.

Dakos Made of one piece of parchment that creates a solid box. The Dakos are considered to be more durable then the peshutim mehudarim.

Gasos Made of a solid piece of hide from a thick skinned animal. The Gasos considered to be the most durable and the most preferred by authorities.

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Tefillin Pesuhtim Mehudarim
Sefaradi/Temani Version -
“Peer HaSTaM”


Tefillin Peshutim Mehudarim
Ashkenaz Version -
“Peer HaSTaM”

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