The Dead Sea Region

The Dead Sea is truly an Israeli national treasure. Shortlisted for selection as one of the seven natural wonders of the world in 2009, the lake’s shores are the lowest point in the world and the minerals found in the waters of the lake are known for their incredible healing properties.

Indeed, Dead Sea health and beauty products are sold all over the world today, with their miraculous attributes bringing much pleasure and relief to those suffering from skin ailments and joint pains as well as providing excellent results in the moisturizing, cleansing and toning of the skin.

The western shore of the Dead Sea has numerous beaches and bathing areas with easy access to the water, including the option of separate beach facilities for men and women in accordance with Jewish law. Two therapeutic beaches, Neve Zohar and Ein Bokek, provide relaxing, pampering experiences for those wishing to benefit from the special properties of the minerals in the Dead Sea. Tourism Centers are also to be found in the area that also offer fantastic services for visitors.

For those looking to stay for a night or two or even a few, have plenty of choices of hotels, hostels and guest houses in the region. Restaurants and shopping centers have also been set up in the area for a complete holiday experience. Challenging outdoor activities such as jeep and bicycle tours, camel tours, rappelling and much, much more are on offer in the region for those searching adrenalin highs. For those looking for a more cultural, artistic experience, there are galleries and artist’s studios to be explored too.

The Dead Sea is located at the edge of the Judean Desert and is a hot, barren region. There are many springs on the coastline that are surrounded by wild plant life. The stunning juxtaposition of desert landscapes and gushing oases makes for incredible hikes. Tourists and visitors have a plethora of sites to explore in the area including Mt. Sodom, Nakhal Darga, the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and the Einot Tzukim Reserve.

The Dead Sea area is also rich in historical sites that played important roles in Israel’s past. One of the most prominent sites is undoubtedly the Masada fortress, with its incredibly tragic story, a must for any visitors. In addition, the ancient Ein Gedi and the Qumran cave site are extremely interesting sites and provide insight into the lives of those who lived in the region in times gone by.

Dead Sea

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